Broadband Digital TV service works over your 847-telephone number. Service starts with the Bronze package which includes installation for the first TV, Modem, Myrio® Set Top Box and Remote Control. Add Silver, Gold, and/or Premium channels to complete your package. We offer Incentive pricing on all Digital Television / Broadband Internet Access Combination packages.

Maximum three (3) TVs per phone number. The 2nd & 3rd TV will require their own Myrio® Set Top Box. Options for signal transmission to the 2nd & 3rd TV include permanent wiring from the modem at billed time and materials of a Monroe Telephone Company technician or use of Ruckus® wireless or PlugLink® wireless units.

Equipment Monthly Cost Purchase Cost
Set Top Box $4.50 $199.95
* Additional wireless equipment is available for purchase or monthly rent through the Monroe Telephone Comapny office.
* Monroe Telephone Company Technician Time & Materials billed at $38.75 per hour.

* Incentive Pricing includes discounts for all Broadband Digital Television / DSL Internet
* Check with our office for other package options and pricing.
* Additional 5% discount on Broadband Digital Television / DSL Internet packages with one
   year contract.

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